Founded by Dr. Eric S. Ackerman, the Intergalactic Museum of Computing And Technology History aims to be one of the leading computer museums in all of the universe! In the future, we envision a physical museum where visitors can learn and discover all about computers and various other technologies in a hands-on environment.

Meet The Team

Eric S. Ackerman, ph.d.

Founder & President

Eric S. Ackerman, Ph.D. is currently the Vice President of Commercial Technology at Perry Ellis International, Inc.  Dr. Ackerman has been active in the engineering and information sciences field for over 30 years. His recent experiences includes working as a Vice President at Magic Leap (Augmented Reality (AR) startup) and being the Dean of NSU’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. Dr. Ackerman has been involved in numerous engineering projects including designing space hardware that has flown on the three Space Shuttles (STS-91 Discovery, STS-134 Endeavour, STS-135 Atlantis). Active in the local community Dr. Ackerman was a past President of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) South-Florida InfraGard chapter and currently is an advisor to the Board of Directors.  He is a graduate of the FBI’s Citizens Academy and has consulted with local, state, and federal agencies on cybersecurity topics.  Dr. Ackerman is currently involved in multiple leadership positions within IEEE and was a past IEEE-USA Vice President.  He is a senior member of IEEE, ACM, ASEE, AIS, AIAA, and Upsilon Pi Epsilon. In his past time he collects and restores vintage computers, arcade, and pinball machines. To learn more go to his Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericsackerman/ 

Matthew Ackerman

Vice President

Currently a student at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Matthew is actively pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. His interest in the preservation and history of computers and technology stems from his father aforementioned above, Eric Ackerman. In addition, he actively enjoys playing retro arcade and pinball machines, so much so that he has a world record score on the machine “Ice Cold Beer”.  Matthew is also a geek when it comes to theme parks and at one point hosted a podcast all about them. His role at the museum includes webmaster and manager of all social media accounts.